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Released 3.9.18

Released 3.9.18

I started writing this song on a dock overlooking Lake Loudon in Lenoir City, TN last summer. It had been too long since I intentionally carved out time to just sit with my guitar & play/write whatever I was feeling. That particular season was filled with doubt, confusion, & frustration - which explains why the only line I wrote that day was "When the peace has left you there ain't a reason to stay." I couldn't wrap my head around the theme of the song, so I set it aside.

A week later I revisited the idea. My circumstances had changed just enough to cause the frustration & confusion to loosen their grip a little.  My perspective shifted & allowed me to see through a lens that gave a clearer picture of the bigger story being told.

Just because there's resistance, frustration, & struggle attached to your current state doesn't mean you don't belong there for a period of time. You'll never learn the things you need to learn to move your story along until you walk through the part of the story you're in.

"There ain't no easy way out."

Peace + love, 


P.S. Check out the acoustic worktape, full demo, & lyrics below. 

I wasn't able to sleep until I finished the song. I remember recording this worktape in our bathroom so Nicole could sleep. It was around 2am - I was delirious, but determined to work it out that night...& you can tell I was tired by how slow it is (ha!).

In order to get a better grasp on how the song would feel with a band, I looped in our good buddy & drummer, Nathan Sexton, to work up this demo. Hope you enjoy!

You’ll Never Know”

I’ve been waiting in the city
Waiting on a getaway
’Cause when the peace has left you
There ain’t a reason to stay

I’ve been trying to break the cycle
Sick of sticking around
But the bed I’ve made
Has become too comfortable to climb out

No, it ain’t easy
But tell me something that really ever is
You’ll never know what you’ll know
’Til the story ends

I could use a little guidance
A tip from those who’ve gone before
’Cause I’m just pacing hallways
And checking every single door

I’ve been running from the feeling
The feeling of getting lost
’Cause somewhere along the way
All of the wires got crossed

No, it ain’t easy
But tell me something that really ever is
You’ll never know what you’ll know
’Til the story ends

Peaceful river
Take me with you wherever you may go
And we’ll float on together
Until I sink down like a heavy stone

’Cause it’s never easy
I know nothing really is
So I cut my losses
Just hoping for a win
The pieces fall where they fall
And sometimes they fit

You’ll never know what you’ll know
’Til the story ends